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Sex Addiction Counseling
With the advent of the internet, safe sex took on a new meaning and sex addiction intruded our lives. While from the safety and anonymity of one’s home computer, the erotic world of sex addiction is a mere click away. But this safe sex comes at the price of self-destruction and the erosion of intimacy in relationships. Whether sex addiction manifests as internet pornography, chat rooms or anonymous one-night-stands, you are searching for something that you will never find there.

Consider these questions:
  • Do you keep your sexual behavior a secret?
  • Is this secret sexual behavior repetitive?
  • Has the need to intensify the sexual experience increased risk taking?
  • Has your sexual behavior continued despite negative consequences?
  • Is your sexual behavior preceded by emotional discomfort such as: boredom, loneliness, depression, anxiety, or relationship conflict?
  • Do you tell yourself that you can stop anytime?
  • Do you make promises to yourself and others to stop but you don’t?
  • Does your sexual-compulsive behavior keep creeping back into your life?
  • Has your sexual behavior brought conflict into your relationships?
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Sex addiction or sexual compulsivity is driven by an attempt to get a single need met. Contrary to popular belief, that need is not what you think it is. The high that comes from experiencing lust is elating and exhilarating. The attention that comes from getting someone to desire us through sexual fantasy or by the real thing is short lived. This kind of attention ultimately leaves us empty, seeking to fill that space by yet another sexual experience. Loneliness is at the heart of sex addiction. The need for external affirmation drives the compulsion. Do you ever wonder why the attention you get from the sexual experience never satisfies you? That itch never quite gets scratched! Affirmation by means of pseudo-intimate encounters ultimately leads to more isolation and loneliness.

Drug and alcohol addiction want you dead. Sex addiction wants you to be alone!

Recovery is through transparent living! But sex addiction recovery is not done alone. At Creative Counseling, Inc., sex addiction recovery is offered through group, individual, and couple counseling. With gentle but firm accountability, sexual addiction recovery is possible.

A path to freedom is here. 972-248-7722
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