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How do we find peace in life when the world is filled with turmoil? In our employment it seems that we are asked to perform beyond our ability. At times personal relationships pull at us demanding that we be something we are not. With all of this, life becomes overwhelming. To cope we shut down, withdraw or fall apart which only perpetuates the turmoil.

There is a way to retard the turmoil and keep it from recycling in our life. Meditation helps create a mental and spiritual place where peace can be accessed in any given moment. Through proper teaching and discipline you can learn how to bring a sense of calm to conflict.

Meditation has been proven to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and high blood pressure.

At Creative Counseling, Inc., witness meditation is taught which helps one remain in the present moment and out of the chaos of conflict. You will learn how to remove your identity from the circumstances that surround you and let go of the outcome.

Peace is abundant. It flows like water all around. We must open up and let it flow through us instead of around. To accomplish this you must stop, listen, observe, and move into the being of witness.

At Creative Counseling, Inc., Plano, Texas, you will learn skills that will enable you to take the practice of witness meditation into your daily life. This is a technique that you will learn to apply in life circumstances, bringing calm to the chaos that surrounds you.
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